For ICF Walls, Slabs, Precast and other Concrete Structure Projects

SFTec offers several types of shear connectors for your concrete-based structure project. Evaluated on various criteria such as color, type, tensile strength, compression strength, tensile modulus and shear strength, find the type that fits best your project needs or contact us so we can make the best recommendation for your requirements.

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GFRP Connector Type 1
GFRP Connector Type 2

Type I: SFT-TTC Thread Connector

GFRP Connector – Thread bar

Length can be customized

SFT-TTC Thread Thermal Connector
ColorTypeTensile StrenghtCompression StrengthTensile ModulusShear Strenght

Type II: SFT-FTC Flat Connector

GFRP Connector – Flat bar

Length can be customized

ColorTypeTensile StrengthCompression StrengthTensile ModulusShear Strenght
As seen in pictureFlat600MPa220MPa45GPa120MPa

Type III: SFT-TSC Thread Shear Connector

GFRP Shear Connector – Thread bar

Length can be customized

ColorType Tensile Strenght*Compression Strenght*Tensile ModulusShear Strenghts*

*Straight Portion