For Concrete Structure Repairs

The SFT-CarbonStrap can be applied with epoxy adhesive for concrete
structure repair. It is ideal for several applications including: 

  • Increasing load capacity
  • Improving structure function status (to fix cracks and reduce
  • Increasing structure’s resistance to natural disasters
  • Changing structure system
  • Repairing damages
  • Fixing design inconsistencies

The carbon straps are ideal to repair cracked columns, beams, walls,
bridges, and bowed walls or foundations.

Several types availables

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carbon strap

Types of Carbon Straps

Product NameSFT-300 GSM 12K Carbon StrapsSFT-400 GSM 12K Carbon StrapsSFT-600 GSM 12K Carbon Straps
Type12K Carbon Fiber12K Carbon Fiber12K Carbon Fiber
WeaveUnidirectional/BidirectionalUnidirectional/BidirectionalBidirectional only
Density300 g/m²400 g/m²600 g/m²
Tensile Strength45s/49s45s/49s49s
12 in x 8 ft12 in x 8 ft12 in x 8 ft
Size5.5 in x 8 ft5.5 in x 8 ft5.5 in x 8 ft
On demandOn demandOn demand