SFTec Inc.

SFTec Inc. (Canada) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Safety Industries Co., Ltd. (SFTec), a professional entrepreneurial industry in the business of the composite rebar, located in Tai’an, Shandong China. After several years of steady growth, SFTec became the leader in the field of the FRP rebar industry in China. SFTec’s FRP products are exported to North and South America, Europe, Asia, MENA region and Australia, etc.

SFTec Inc. (Canada) is focusing on the market of FRP rebar applications in North America. SFTec’s FRP rebar is made from composite (Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber or Basalt Fiber) which is manufactured by a pultrusion process using a mix of recycled fibers and resin with various additives. The core products are rebar, rock bolt and hollow rebar. SFTec is the ideal solution for concrete reinforced projects, such as bridges, Barrier walls, decks, Diaphragm walls (soft eye), tunnel segments, garages, pavements, Wharfs, sea walls, wave breakers retaining walls and fence systems.

We trust that SFTec’s rebar is the best product in the world; we want to develop the FRP rebar for one hundred years… and more! We are looking for agents and distributors for all the world’s markets. We would like to be your supplier, to continuously support your business.

We thank you for going forward with SFTec.