For Structure Strengthening

SFT-Bar®Mesh is the ideal GFRP product that presents a much lighter, sustainable, more durable alternative to the regular, usually corroded Steel mesh products.

There are several types of Mesh based on the type of structure and application. SFT-Bar®Mesh makes use of the FRP technology to present a sustainable, more durable alternative to regular mesh products available on the market.

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Data Sheet

Package : 1mx5m/piece, stack on pallet
Should ideally be stored under a black cover/tarp

ProductDiameterSizeRadial & Longitudinal
Minimum Strength
Radial & Longitudinal Min. Modulus of Elasticity
D3-100x1003 mm100 mm x 100 mm80045-60
D3-150x150150 mm x 150 mm80045-60
D5-100x1005 mm100 mm x 100 mm80045-60
D5-150x150150 mm x 150 mm80045-60
D6-100x1006 mm100 mm x 100 mm80045-60
D6-150x150150 mm x 150 mm80045-60
D8-100x1008 mm100 mm x 100 mm80045-60
D8-150x150150 mm x 150 mm80045-60
D10-100x10010 mm100 mm x 100 mm60045-60
D10-150x150150 mm x 150 mm60045-60


For External Surface of Walls

SFT-ARMesh is ideal for applications that require strengthening of the external surface of concrete walls. While it doesn’t eliminate all cracks, it will significantly improve the durability of the structure.

SFT-ARMesh is the best Fiber Mesh material to prevent cracking in external surfaces.

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Data Sheet

ProductMesh SpaceWeightWidthLengthStrength up to
failure N/5cm
Alkaline Remain
Strength N/5 cm
Remain Rate %

Package Details

Storage in temperature 5-35°C and humidity 35-75% for up to a year

Width x Length1mx50m1mx50m1mx50m1mx50m
Per Pallet40 rolls25 rolls25 rolls47 rolls
Total Quantity2000m21250m21250m22350m2