Applications of AR Glass Fiber

Applications of AR Glass Fiber

What Is AR Glass Fiber?

Alkali resistant (AR) glass fibers were designed to be used to strengthen concrete. Glass fibers have been used in concrete and mortar mixes for several decades, helping to make structures durable and long-lasting. The glass fibers are made from a specially created glass composition mixed with the perfect amount of zirconia of 19% or more. They also have high tensile strength and modulus, are easy to use and mix into concrete, and unlike steel, AR glass fibers are rust resistant. 

What Are the Applications of AR Glass Fiber?

AR glass fibers work best when combined with premix GFRC, among other concrete and mortar reinforcement applications. Using glass fibers in a concrete mix can help make the strongest, and lightest possible reinforcement, while also being a non-conductive material. They come in a variety of sizes (average being 18mm/19mm) so they can be used in a variety of cement projects. 

The usual load range is 3% of the total weight of the concrete mix or around 1.5-1.75 lbs. for every 50lb blended concrete mix bag. They are strong enough to resist breaking down during the mixing process, although it is not recommended that they are overmixed. AR glass fibers provide great strength and are cost-effective. Since AR glass fibers are bundled together, this causes them to be noticeable in the final cement project, so that is one factor to consider when creating your design. 

Final Thoughts About AR Glass Fibers

AR glass fibers are a great choice for any concrete project that needs to be as strong and as light as possible, while being easy to use. Using AR glass fibers in your next structure will ensure that it will be long-lasting, can withstand different environmental factors, and will be budget-friendly. 

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