Getting started with FRP Bars

Getting started with FRP Bars

Change is never easy and it’s not different when it comes to the concrete industry. For years now, we have been using Steel bars to create strong concrete structures, and several challenges have surfaced. However, it is what we are accustomed to, and moving away from this solution shouldn’t be hard. At SFTec, we believe the best way to adopt a new solution, like SFT-Bar®, or FRP bars, in your construction projects, is by learning more about it. Here are a few steps you can take to help you make your decision. 


Step 1 – Read about it

The first step is to read about FRP bars. Whether you are doing research online or asking industry experts, the information will always be the same. You will see several benefits you can take advantage of on a project level, but also, on a structural level. The results you get with FRP bars are optimal, and all you need to do is a bit of research before you find this out for yourself. If you’re curious about the specifications of the products, you can download the product sheet for SFT-Bar® on our website: 


Step 2 – Talk about it

Once you have gotten familiarized with the advantages of FRP bars, the next step is to speak to people in the industry who have used the products. The applications of FRP bars are more and more common and we strongly recommend you ask around to see how satisfied people were with using FRP bars instead of Steel in their concrete structures. We also invite you to check out our distributors’ and partners’ testimonials by checking our interviews section on our youtube channel: 


Step 3 – Speak to an expert

The following step is to contact an industry expert who will be able to give you a more detailed recommendation for your upcoming project. Thanks to our knowledgeable resources, the SFTec team will happily assist you with the design phase and quantity estimation so you have everything you need when you are ready to start building your concrete structure.  


These 3 steps are mandatory to be able to decide whether you would like to use FRP bars in your project or not. We are confident that the decision will be very easy once you have completed the steps above, because we are fully aware of the benefits our products can provide, the very positive feedback we have gotten from our existing clients and partners is proof enough. To place your order, reach out to us at: 

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