Intro to Carbon Straps

Intro to Carbon Straps

Finding the best solution for #crackedconcrete can be tricky if you’re not sure what the best options are. We have found what works best for multiple circumstances are #carbonfiberstraps. Not only do they work perfectly for bowed walls and cracked foundations, but they are a great solution for reinforcing structures because of their strength and permanency.

What makes Carbon Fiber Straps so useful? 

Carbon fiber straps are perfect for concrete structure repairs because they are much lighter in weight than other reinforcing materials. They are incredibly strong, and are durable in water and high temperatures. The straps are created by weaving together strands of carbon fiber in a bi-directional matter making them fit tightly together, and then heating them to bond simultaneously. During the heating process, the atoms of the fibers naturally bond into a locking hexagonal shape, making them nearly impenetrable. The strong tensile strength of carbon fibers is one of the strongest in existence. They do not break or alter in their shape, even after significant time, and help keep structures from dealing with cracks or bulging of walls. The durability of carbon fiber straps is proven in areas that are prone to natural disasters as being able to withstand water, heat, and pressure. 

How can Carbon Fiber Straps be applied? 

Carbon fibers have been used in a variety of ways, from the first ever lightbulb to modern space shuttles. Easy installations can be professionally done on dry surfaces from bridges to basement walls with the use of an epoxy adhesive to embed the straps in. There is no excavation that needs to be done and the mess it leaves to clean up is minimal. The carbon straps are thin enough that when applied to cracks are barely noticeable, and can easily be painted over, making them nearly invisible. Carbon fiber straps work perfectly when using different materials, from concrete to clay, keeping everything in place where the strap is installed. One of the best benefits to using carbon fiber straps is that once installed, they require no further maintenance ever! 

Now that we’ve got you interested in using carbon fiber straps to reinforce structures, we want to let you know that SFTec has what you need! Our carbon fiber straps come in rolls that can be sold by the foot with a density of 300g/m2. They are coloured black and can be delivered to you directly through Amazon. Our carbon fiber straps carry a density of 1.79g/cm3, a tensile strength of 3800MPa-4,900 MPa and the tensile modulus of 230-250 GPa. We carry both unidirectional and bidirectional weaves to make sure that you have the best product for your structural repair or reinforcing job. If you are looking to find an easy to use product, that leaves you feeling confident about the reliability of the lifelong support you have installed, then look no further than carbon fiber straps! 

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