SFTec expands its business in Florida

SFTec expands its business in Florida

For months now, the SFTec team has been exploring business opportunities in the US to facilitate access to FRP products within the American market. 

Florida is no exception. With its beautiful beaches, warm weather and vibrant culture, it is a booming state with a growing economy. The construction industry in Florida is thriving to accommodate the needs of the growing population which is a perfect opportunity to implement a more sustainable alternative to steel. 

Florida’s unique climate is hot and humid which can be challenging for construction workers, and consequently, projects. The high humidity can make it difficult to work with concrete, which can take longer to cure in humid conditions. However, the building codes have been developed to adapt to these conditions with requirements for reinforced concrete. For the best outcome, using FRP products in concrete structure projects will also allow for longer, more durable results. 

SFT-Bar is the preferred material for concrete reinforcement due to their many benefits including resistance to corrosion, resistance to chemical changes and harsh environments, its ease of installation, and sustainable properties. SFTec sees the potential of making FRP products available in Florida as the construction industry continues to grow. According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the construction sector in the state employs over half a million people and generates billions of dollars in economic activity each year. This includes residential, commercial real estate, infrastructure projects (roads, bridges) and government projects (schools, hospitals, etc.).  

Finally, SFT-Bar allow project managers to reduce costs despite the rising prices of building materials. They are competitively priced and last much longer than steel-reinforced concrete structures. The future of the construction industry in Florida is looking great, which is why SFTec is happy to expand its services in the area

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