FRP Rebar or Steel Rebar for concrete walls and structures?

FRP Rebar or Steel Rebar for concrete walls and structures?

When exploring the different alternatives that can be used for a concrete foundation, it’s important to note the different pros and cons associated with each alternative. For the purpose of this article, the focus will be on the two main benefits FRP rebars offer compared to steel rebar when it comes to diaphragm walls and foundation pit retaining piles projects.

Easier to cut

FRP rebar’s cuttable nature makes it easy for complexe concrete structures to be manipulated in complexe concrete structures, like a tunnel. In fact, Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), which are widely used in tunnel projects can be more of an inconvenience when it comes to handling steel reinforced concrete structures. This is due to the steel’s resilience and ductility that will seriously hinder the work of the rotary cutters by absorbing the cutter’s energy. FRP rebar’s cuttable quality makes it so that they are easier to control, which will contribute to a more efficient and productive process yielding a successful, durable result. Therefore, it is ideal to use FRP rebar when it comes to diaphragm walls, as they require precision which is easily accomplished with a more flexible alternative.

Permanent application that lasts longer

One of the main advantages of FRP rebar that cannot be overlooked is its long term durability. This specific factor is crucial when it comes to concrete-based projects, even more so, when considering the foundation of a structure. FRP rebar weighs significantly less compared to steel rebar, yet, their resistance to chemical spills and corrosion makes them a more permanent solution. The foundation pit is the most important part of a structure as it is at the base of the entire structure and ensures the success and longevity of the project.

FRP rebar is the preferred option to ensure a strong and durable concrete structure compared to steel alternatives. Their flexibility and permanent nature are crucial for projects like diaphragm walls and foundation pit retaining piles. For more information regarding other applications of FRP rebar, visit

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