How FRP Rebar can better your pavements, multi-storey parking garages, roads and balconies

How FRP Rebar can better your pavements, multi-storey parking garages, roads and balconies

When it comes to your construction projects, there are several things to consider. First, it is important to determine what kind of project you are going to build. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the structures that make up pavements, multi-storey parkings, garages, roads and balconies. One thing all these structures have in common is their long exposure to the outdoors, which brings us to the second criteria to look at when analyzing your project: how to ensure a long durability for the structure. The damages caused by the wrong material can be extremely hazardous and safety should be a top priority when venturing into a construction project. Last but not least, you should consider the different costs and benefits that are associated with the material used in your structure. 

So, how does FRP rebar fit in all of this? It’s simple! Here are the different ways FRP rebar answers the aforementioned questions. 

What kind of project are you going to build? 

The beauty of FRP rebar is the variety of applications it can be used in. You can see all the applications by visiting our website. One of the most important ones consist of the structures involved in pavements, multi-storey parkings, garages, roads and balconies. The time it takes to install FRP rebar is significantly shorter compared to the installation of steel rods, which allows the project to evolve faster. This is an advantage for this kind of structure as it involves a vast area to cover and being able to install the material faster increases the efficiency and delivery of the project. 

How to ensure long durability for the structure?

FRP rebar does not corrode as compared to steel which allows it to have a longer longevity. When considering the material to use for structures that are exposed to oxygen constantly, it is crucial to find ways to minimize the deterioration caused by corrosion. To remedy this situation, FRP rebars should be employed as they are more resistant to corrosion, creating a stronger foundation and a more durable structure. 

What are the costs and benefits? 

Not only will you be saving in costs when using FRP rebars, but you will also benefit from a more environmentally friendly solution. The lower installation time, the corrosion resistance, the long durability, are a few benefits that contribute to decreasing costs associated with the project and energy efficiency. By choosing the right partner and supplier, you can speed up the realization of your structure and project while improving the quality of your pavement, parking, garage, road, and even balconies. 

There are several ways FRP rebar can contribute to a successful construction project and it is easy to see how, when you ask yourself the basic questions. The flexibility, durability, cost-effectiveness, and resistance to corrosion are just a few reasons why FRP rebar is the ideal material for concrete-based constructions as opposed to steel. For more information regarding the different applications and benefits FRP rebar offers, you can visit

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