SFT-RockBolt For Pre-Grouted Holes

SFT-RockBolt For Pre-Grouted Holes

Rock Bolts are used in concrete as anchors for stabilizing concrete structures. The most popular type of Rock Bolts are made out of steel, and due to the growing popularity of GFRP in the market, GFRP Rock Bolts are facing a growing demand. SFTec is happy to introduce their own version as an addition to their product line: the SFT-RockBolt. 

What is SFT-RockBolt?

SFT-RockBolt is a rock-bolting system based on a fully threaded solid GFRP bar. It was introduced to be applied in mine & tunnel support, face stabilization, slope protection, and can be used for temporary or permanent applications. 

SFT-RockBolts are best used to support and sustain pre-grouted holes. They can also help secure a structure by preventing rockfalls in certain cases. 

Benefits SFT-RockBolt

SFT-RockBolt have several benefits that allow them to be used in several different applications. In fact, they can be easily installed with resin cartridges or forced into pre-grouted holes. This allows for a simple process to solidify a concrete structure without having to go through several processes. Moreover, the fully threaded profile of the SFT-RockBolt allows for optimum mixing and bonding properties. Therefore, they are easy to use and generate long-lasting results that require lower maintenance compared to Rock Bolts made of steel. Finally, they can be delivered with GFRP (cuttable) or steel plate and nuts. The choice is yours!

Want to learn more about the SFT-RockBolt Properties? Download the product sheet, or reach out to our experts, we will happily assist you!

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