SFT Products, in a nutshell

SFT Products, in a nutshell

With all the information available online, it is very easy to get lost. That is why at SFTec Inc., we do our best to make the facts easily accessible to our visitors and customers. If you have landed on this page, you are already planning your next concrete project and you are looking for the right building materials. Simply put, SFTec offers a variation of products, in different types, shapes, and sizes, adapted to your project needs. 

Our 3 main products are the following:


SFT-Bar® is the perfect material for concrete reinforcement. You’re gathering your project assets and you are considering different options to create a durable, long-lasting, solid structure? Look no further. SFT-Bar® is recognized as a safer, more sustainable alternative to steel which is why it is becoming more and more popular. Find out more about its specifications and benefits here: 


SFT-ARGlassFiber is the ideal product for concrete mix. Create optimal mixtures that will ensure a positive outcome to your project, whatever it may be. Moreover, SFT-ARGlassFiber has high tensile strength and modulus, and it does not rust like steel. Find out more here:


SFT-CarbonStraps are the best option for concrete repair. Easily applied with epoxy adhesive, it can be used for several applications including, improving structure function status (to fix cracks and reduce deformation), increasing structure’s resistance to natural disasters, changing structure system and more. Check out the SFT-CarbonStraps page for additional information: 

SFTec also offers SFT-Connectors and SFT-RockBolt in its main product portfolio for other different applications related to concrete structures. In a nutshell, whatever you need for your upcoming concrete project, or your existing concrete structure, we invite you to reach out to us. Odds are… we will find the perfect solution for you, completely tailored to your project needs!

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