Bridges to be replaced in Quebec: an opportunity to rebuild using a more durable solution

Bridges to be replaced in Quebec: an opportunity to rebuild using a more durable solution

On July 11th, 2020, a news article outlining the results of a thorough inspection by the Bureau of Investigation revealed that more than 400 bridges in Quebec needed to be replaced as soon as possible due to their poor condition. This situation can be explained by several factors, according to the investigators, including the end of the bridges’ useful life, natural disasters, low maintenance, and failure to respect road weight regulations over the years. 

Built in the 1960’s and 1970s, several structures must be quickly rebuilt to avoid irreparable damages. At least 350 bridges need to be replaced urgently to support daily transport activities, although there are no immediate risks and people can still safely get across the bridges, according to the Ministry of Transport (MTQ). 

These insights are a wake up call so we can take the appropriate preventive measures to remedy the situation and keep the roads safe. 

This is an opportunity to rebuild structures with the right materials to increase the durability of our bridges and find a solution that will not require heavy maintenance. In fact, the use of FRP rebar would easily solve the problem due to their many advantages including their high resistance to corrosion, their lighter weight, and their high longevity. Consequently, the concrete structures become stronger and last much longer. Find out more about the application of FRP rebar in bridges here

You can read the full article to see which bridges must be rebuilt, as well as the next steps the MTQ is taking to fix this issue here.  


About SFTec Inc. Canada

SFTec Canada is part of the professional entrepreneurial industry in the business of the composite rebar. They manufacture FRP products based on international standards allowing them to export their goods to North and South America, Europe, Asia, MENA region, Australia, etc. 

SFTec’s FRP rebar is made from composite (Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber or Basalt Fiber) which is manufactured by a pultrusion process using a mix of recycled fibers and resin with various additives. SFTec’s GFRP bars are the ideal solution for concrete infrastructures subjected to climate change and located in harsh environments. Our GFRP bars paved their way for many  successful field applications as parking garages; continuous pavements; shear walls; precast sandwich panels; and marine structures.  Find out more about SFTec here 

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