Why use FRP Rebar instead of Steel for Bridges, Barrier Walls and Decks?

Why use FRP Rebar instead of Steel for Bridges, Barrier Walls and Decks?

SFTec prides itself in leading the market with the revolutionary innovation of FRP rebar (fiberglass reinforced polymer) which is a higher alternative to steel reinforcements used in concrete for construction. In addition, it is composed of recycled fibers!

Non-Corrosive and Unsusceptible to Chemical spills

As safety should always be the primary goal, fighting corrosion is the number one concern especially in structures such as bridges, barrier walls, and decks in order to prevent a collapse.

Even though steel has been traditionally used in reinforcement of concrete, it has a highly dangerous shortcoming in that it is easily corroded, and corrosion leads to structural failure. 

Recently, the use of FRP bars for concrete reinforcement of structures in aggressive environments has arisen as an  alternative solution to eliminate steel corrosion problems. FRP rebar has an advantage over steel, since it is unsusceptible to corrosion (oxidation) when exposed to salts, chemicals, or moisture. Moreover, its coefficient of thermal expansion is closer to that of concrete which is an additional advantage of FRP rebar for their use in slabs on grade.

It is a lot lighter!

When compared to steel, FRP reinforcement is lighter at ¼ of the weight of steel. This is ideal for transportation, safer to install, but also, allows a faster application because it requires less effort. It is almost hard to believe that something so light could be an alternative to steel and still fulfill the same purpose – but it does! That is the beauty of FRP Rebar. 

Longer Durability… it will last a while!

Whereas traditional steel reinforced concrete has a shorter service life and higher repair costs FRP rebar has a longer durability. It is time we adopted the safer, cost effective and  most obvious choice.

As the world keeps advancing in technology and innovation, we as humans should adopt that change when presented with the choice and that is exactly what we at SFTec are offering you.

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