SFTec Inc. opens new office in Canada

SFTec Inc. opens new office in Canada

SFTec Inc. Canada is a professional entrepreneurial industry in the business of the composite rebar. They are devoted to revolutionizing the concrete and construction industry with the manufacturing of FRP Rebar that can be used in various applications such as concrete reinforced projects, bridges, barrier walls, decks, diaphragm walls, tunnel segments, and so much more. 

The many benefits of using FRP Rebar in such applications are crucial for engineers and specialists looking to find a reliable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly solution to concrete-based projects. 

“We are extremely happy to expand our business on an international level” says Wenxue Chen Ph.D, M.Eng., M.ACI, A.M. ASCE, President and CEO of SFTec Inc. “We aim to inform the world of the benefits of FRP Rebar for long term purposes in concrete reinforced projects as we believe in the potential and the durability of our product.” 

Now that the company has officially opened their office in Montreal, Canada, they are looking to use their knowledge and expertise to tackle the North American market, and hopefully grow globally in the next 5 years. 

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